Cody’s café is Manor Lakes number one place to Eat.

Est 2011

PH: 03 8742 3781





Cody’s cafe is a family owned and run cafe restaurant situated in the Manor lakes estate. Owner head chef Chris Cody keeps his ideas fresh, clean and ever evolving. With a vast knowledge and understanding of his community the menu changes seasonally and keeps up with trends happening in the industry and local areas.

Cody’s have appeared on Studio 10 with the ‘Chew Crew’ boys and the infamous Scorpion burger at Luna Park in Melbourne 2015, they have tortured Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann on the Brig and Lehmo radio Gold Fm radio program in 2014 and destroyed the b-team Leroy Brown, Buckle and Hunter with their 2.5kg Parma challenge in 2014 also.


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